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Extreme weather events such as bushfires, storms, floods and heatwaves by their very nature can be chaotic and lead to unexpected situations that can cause damage, injury or death. These unexpected events can threaten the safety of your family, loved ones, pets and property.

The Ready Check tool will help you assess your unique situation and generate information to make your household more resilient to the unforeseen events. When you make your plan you can test it with the “What if” scenarios.

This tool is intended to provide general information concerning flood and fire prone land and should not be used by the user to make decisions concerning property or the safety of persons.  The user is to rely on their own property searches and to make their own enquiries with respect to flood and fire prone land  Council will not be held liable for any loss or damage to property or person that is a result of the reliance on the information published by Council.

Note 1: City of Ryde’s hazard mapping may not capture all the hazards affecting your property. It is wise to assume your property may be subject other natural hazards not displayed in Council’s hazard maps.

Note 2: It is important to Save a PDF at each step of the Ready Check, results are not saved when the browser is closed. Click the orange Save to PDF button at the bottom of the page to save results.

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