Your Preparedness Check

A 5-step process for building resilience to extreme weather events


Step 1.

Map your location

Check your property on the map below. The map shows your property’s proximity to bush fire prone land, ember attack and potential flood areas. Please type your address in the Search line below. Once you have typed a street number and the first three or four letters of the road name, you should see the address displayed. Clicking on the address in the list will zoom to the location of your property and display the vulnerabilities in the table below the map.


possible ember attack
potential flooding area


Property owners should be aware that large embers can travel at least 700m ahead of a bushfire front. Ember attack is responsible for about 85 per cent of houses burning during a bushfire.

Please note: Mapping of ember attack above is not completely indicative of potential extent due to numerous determining factors and all properties in proximity to bushland should make necessary preparedness provisions in the event of a fire.

All residents across Ryde should prepare for severe weather related events such as storms, intense rainfall and heatwaves.

Location-based hazards your property is exposed to
Extreme Event Hazard
Bush fire
Ember attack
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Results will not be saved when the browser is closed as information is not saved on this web site. Once you have saved a PDF of the vulnerabilities affecting your property, please click on STEP 2 below to continue.

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