Your Preparedness Check

A 5-step process for building resilience to extreme weather events


Step 1.

Map your location

Check your property on the map below. The map shows your property’s proximity to bush fire prone land, ember attack and mapped flood areas. Not all areas prone to flood have been digitally mapped. The data will be updated as more catchments are mapped.


Bushfire Prone Land

DO NOT MODIFY - Ready Check Tool - Map Your Location

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Based on the information on Council maps, your property may be vulnerable to the following extreme weather hazards:

Very few properties within City of Ryde area have no exposure to bush fire. Most properties are vulnerable to ember attack during major fires as burning embers can travel kilometres ahead of the fire front. Ember attack is responsible for about 85% of houses burning during a bush fire.

Extreme Event Location-based hazards your property is exposed to
Bush fire
Ember attack*
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